Only Donations Make This Happen

A year of further or higher education ranges from $4,000 - $7,000 (or £2,850 to £5,000) depending on the subject studied. If you are willing to help change lives with a one-off or ongoing donation we will ensure your money really makes a difference.

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UK - Bank Account

If you're in the UK the best way to support the work we do is to set up a bank transfer or standing order to the Spring Up Foundation. We can also reclaim the tax from your donation.

We're with the Unity Trust Bank.

  • Account Name: Spring Up Foundation
  • Account Number: 20373131
  • Sort Code: 608301

If it's helpful to know, here is our registered address.

All Other Countries

If you're outside of the UK please support further education in Palestine through PayPal via the button below.

If you wish to donate and are outside of the UK yet don't want to use PayPal please contact us.

UK - Reclaim the Tax: Can you Gift Aid your donation?

If you're a UK tax payer please Gift Aid your donation as Spring Up Foundation can reclaim an extra 25p for every £1 donated, helping your donation and our work go much further.
Note: You need to have paid tax in the last financial year equivalent to 25% of your donation.

Please fill out the form below.

Donation Form

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We only need your address if you offer Gift Aid, but we need something written in the text box below or the form won't send. So if you can't do a Gift Aid donation just write: Not Gift Aid in the next two text boxes. Thank you.

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