Short Interviews with Students and Families we can Support

Palestinian student speaks about her ambitions despite the separation barrier from Spring Up Foundation on Vimeo.

Palestinian student speaks about occupations under occupation from Spring Up Foundation on Vimeo.

Father works multiple jobs to support his son's education from Spring Up Foundation on Vimeo.

Students tell of their dreams and struggles

Update Autumn 2020 - Our First Graduation

We are happy to announce that one of the first students we sponsored, Ameen Abu Hijleh, has already completed his degree in Mechanical Engineering. We continue to support 4 students to whom we already offered scholarships, but due to hardships arising from COVID-19 we have increased the monetary size of these scholarships to more fully cover their studies. Some student's families needed to choose between food and medicine, so being able to relieve all stress related to education costs (which are not small for them) is a great honour. We have also taken on one more student to bring our current intake of supported students to 5.

Thank you for the support you enable us to give via the generous donations we receive. (If you can help support our essential work please pledge a one time or on-going donation.)

Our current students are 4 women and 2 men: Lina Zidan studying Medicine; Sana Said Ali Dar Saed studying Media and PR; Sojoud Abdallah studying Nursing, all of whom are already part way through their studies; Mahmoud Noman studying Medicine, who is now in the residence part of his training; and new for this year Ikram Mustafa Abdel Fattah Daoud who is studying for a degree in Special Education.

We are deeply grateful to all those who have contributed generously to make these scholarships possible. Together we have been able to make the commitment of supporting them until they complete their degrees.

Mahmoud Noman

A letter from one of the students we are supporting with a partial scholarship. A medical student from the village of Zaita in the north-western region of the West Bank, Palestine, writes:

Dear The Spring Up Foundation

I am writing to thank you for your generous The Spring Up scholarship. I am very happy and appreciative that I was selected as a recipient of your scholarship, Thanks to your assistance I will now be able to register for the upcoming semesters and continue pursuing a degree in medicine.

As a 5th year medical student with a high semester registration fees you have lightened the financial burden on my family to which they are really thankful, besides I am one step closer to my dream of having a degree in medicine. You give me the opportunity to focus more on my study and be less worried about the money.

Please accept my sincerest thank you for this huge help and I hope one day I will help the people and give something back to the society just like you did.


Mahmoud Noman

Ameen Abu Hijleh

A letter from one of the students we are supporting with a partial scholarship. A student of Engineering from the village of Deir Istya in the central region of the West Bank, Palestine, writes:

Dear Spring Up Foundation

My sister and myself are students, the cost of our tuition and living expenses are too high. My father is the only in my family working and he has to take loan to pay for our study. This has made him going in debt.

So this scholarship was the best thing happened with me because it was hard on me and family. This scholarship made it possible for me to meet the expenses we could not pay. Now I do the last year in my course and complete my degree.

I thank you from my heart on behalf of my all family.


Ameen Abu Hijleh

Some words from a 17 year old student, preparing for university, from the village of Zaita in the north-western region of the West Bank, Palestine.

May Noman

"I believe in what Steve Jobs said : "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." Well, I am one of those crazy people, and I will do my best to change the world as we know it to a better place. I want to challenge myself, and to show to everyone who says 'you can't do it' that I have the ability, by working hard I can achieve my dreams.

"Now, the specific thing that I want to change and find a solution for are diseases, especially cancer. When I was 12 years old my youngest sister got sick, we found out she had cancer in her leg. She suffered a lot. When she had finished her treatment there was a problem; because of a medical mistake during the operation to remove the tumour she lost sensation in some places in her leg and now she can't walk normally. That is why I want to study in the field of science, I want to be one of the people who work hard to find a perfect treatment that won't harm patients like my sister.

"I want to expand on genetics, open a research center and try to find the right treatment with the least possible damage to human cells. I will conduct continuous research on living cells, and perhaps by hard work I will be able to revolutionise the scientific field of genes and cells of living organisms.

Next year I hope to be at university. My father is a medical laboratory technologist and my mother is a nurse, yet I know that they will not be able to provide the university fees that I will need. The medical costs for my sister, and the university fees for my elder brothers mean there isn't enough for me to study. I hope to get a scholarship to relieve my parents of some of the burden."

Some words from a 19 year old student, from the village of Deir Istya, in the central region of the West Bank, Palestine.

Lina Zidan

"I am a first year medical student at Al Quds University. My dream is to study a worthy specialty that can help a wide variety of people, and make a change to my society and the world. My hope is to tackle complicated medical issues that are still understudied and under-researched. I will try to save lives and give hope to the families of patients.

"I lost my mother 4 years ago, everything went so quickly. From her diagnosis to the end took only one year, we couldn't do anything to stop it. This experience has completely changed my life, my beliefs, and my way of thinking about life and the future. I want to discover a drug for cancer and bring happiness and fulfilment to the lives of all children and their families.

My brother studies at Al Najah University and our fees are too expensive for our financial situation. I hope I will get a scholarship to help my family help me to complete my education."


Naima Zidan

All of us at Spring Up Foundation feel inspired by Naima Zaidan whose life was an embodiment of generosity and courage. From a young age Naima dedicated herself to social change, working tirelessly to improve the rights of women and the underprivileged.

As a young woman, Naima went to university in Iraq as there were no Palestinian universities back then. While returning to Palestine for a summer visit she was arrested by the Israeli authorities for her involvement in the student union. Although her activism was completely non-violent she spent several months in prison and was never granted an exit permit again. This restriction on her movement brought her education to a halt. Her inability to complete her degree remained a source of pain for Naima even decades later.

She was a member of the local council in her village of Deir Istya, and as a passionate believer in equality she strove for basic human rights for all. Yet the universal right to study was particularly close to her heart.

Naima died of cancer in December 2013, and Spring Up Foundation was founded in her memory and as part of her ongoing legacy.