How You Can Help

There are many young Palestinians who would like to expand their skill set or study for a profession but due to various conditions linked to the military occupation1 they, or their families, do not have the means to finance it themselves. Unemployment is incredibly high in Palestine - in Jan 2020 one in four people were out of work, but this can go as high as one in three.2

Some Palestinians will want to enter university; for others, they will wish to study at a college that offers TVEC (Technical and Vocational Education and Training). We are looking for financial support to help make this aim of further or higher education possible. Together we can make this dream a reality.

image source: 3

A year of further or higher education ranges from $4,000 - $7,000, depending on the institution and course of study.

We will endeavour to support the students most in need:

  • We will offer support primarily to families of low income.
  • We will prioritise families that are sending a daughter or son to further or higher education for the first time.
  • We will equally support female and male students.

If you are willing to help change lives, you can purchase one of our calendars from the Gift Shop, or send a one-off or ongoing donation via our Donate page. Either way we will ensure your money really makes a difference.