Due to COVID-19 many of our fundraising activities have been postponed until it is safe to proceed with them. Yet the situation in Palestine is more challenging than ever for the students we are sponsoring. We have increased the size of our sponsorship for all students, so they have one less expense in these trying times. If you can help support our essential work please pledge a one time or on-going donation.

Spring Up Foundation supports a hopeful future by funding further education in Palestine

  • Checkpoint
    The daily hardships for most Palestinians who live under occupation are almost too much to bear.
    People queue at Bethlehem checkpoint to enter Israel for work, studies, hospitalisation...
  • Separation Barrier
    A lack of opportunity for further education for so many Palestinians is leading to a dangerous feeling of hopelessness.
    The separation barrier erected in the name of security impacts on human rights, liberty and access to Palestinian owned land.
  • University
    Together we can create the opportunities for further education and vocational training.
    Palestinian University Campus
  • Smiling Happy Children
    Bringing back hope, happiness and opportunity.
    Young Palestinians; innocent participants in an unknown future.

Why Education?

Helps gain knowledge of the world around you.
Widens perspective, network, and circle of friends.
Engenders understanding and acceptance of differences.

Brightens the mind to be inquisitive, ingenious, and creative.
Offers a platform to hold, explore and expand ideas and knowledge.
Promotes self-discovery, growth, and self-expression.

Creates opportunities as well as possibilities to create opportunities.
Supports whole families by opening new work and career paths.
Fosters peace, and gives hope and real prospects for a better life.

An Introduction to Spring Up Foundation from the Students we can Help

Palestinian Students Talk to Spring Up Foundation about Education under Occupation from Spring Up Foundation on Vimeo.