We are a group of dedicated volunteers committed to social and humanitarian actions in the West Bank of Palestine. We freely offer our time and resources to help Palestinians who wish to pursue further and higher education.

Zohar Lavie

Zohar is one of the founding members of Spring Up and has been instrumental in the vision and direction of the charity since its inception. Zohar lived in Israel until her early 20’s, and has been active in promoting peace and reconciliation in this part of the Middle East since 2000, mainly by facilitating meditation-based retreats. Zohar is passionate, intelligent and inspirational, and a speaker of Hebrew. This is most helpful in communicating with students and their families.

Nathan Glyde

Nathan is also a founding member, and has been a pillar of strength and wisdom throughout Spring Up’s journey so far. Nathan has visited Palestine frequently during two decades, working tirelessly to encourage peace and reconciliation, mainly via the facilitation of meditation-based retreats. He is currently our Chief Technical Officer.

Jessica Chan

Moved by what she had witnessed and experienced during her visit to Palestine, Jess became a founding member of Spring Up, offering her accountancy skills. As our current Treasurer, responsible for maintaining the charity’s books and records, Jess ensures that we operate with appropriate controls, and is also our main contact with the Charity Commission. Jess is tireless in her work for Spring Up, bringing not only a keen eye for detail but also a strategic overview which consistently supports the charity’s fundamental aims and values.

Clare Coyne

Clare, another founding member, has experienced first hand the situation in Palestine’s West Bank during several visits. She is involved in most aspects of the charity’s work, including fundraising, marketing, sales of merchandise and the maintenance of our governance framework. As our current Chair, Clare ensures the smooth running of Spring Up on a day-to-day basis. Clare’s commitment and strength is heartening and motivating.

Linda Vincent

Linda joined Spring Up in 2018 and is our current Secretary. She brings vitality and zest to the charity by participating in and organising fundraising events, and managing the sales of our T-shirts. She also provided Palestinian recipes for Spring Up’s 2019 and 2020 calendars. Linda’s positive outlook and can-do attitude, in conjunction with her excellent administration and organisational skills as Secretary, make her a valued team member.

Robin Dance

Robin is also a founding member, and was moved to set up the charity after being touched by the plight of the Palestinians after his first visit to Deir Istyia in 2016. With his brother Chris he co-organised and led the Jenin to Jericho sponsored walk in 2018. A talented writer and photographer, and with long experience as a lecturer in art colleges and universities, Robin is currently Copy Editor for our newsletter and website.

Liz Mason

Liz joined the Charity in 2021 after actively participating in peaceful work retreats in Palestine. Liz’ passion lies in networking on the ground and generating ideas for raising funds and awareness. Her focus, determination and energy have already culminated in our branded T-shirts which in turn have inspired our new logo. Liz’ brightness and years of experience in working with charities have brought a new, exciting dimension to the Charity.

We bring a heartfelt wish to align the work we do here with positive actions happening elsewhere in the world; may our contributions be for the benefit of all who are suffering, wherever they are.

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