Fundraising can be fun as well as creative! Sponsored walks, bike rides, music evenings, yoga classes and gifting a day’s pay have all been beautiful ways of raising money for Spring Up Foundation. View more fundraising ideas. If you have a fundraising idea and would like us to help you to put it into action, please get in touch. We warmly thank all of our fund raisers for their hard work.


Increasing awareness is a crucial step towards change. We believe Palestinians deserve to lead a normal life in their own homeland, one in which further and higher education are possible. Wear our T-shirt, fundraise for us, talk about us or direct people to our website. We are always happy to be contacted.


As a team of volunteers ourselves, we are always looking for fresh new participants! Whatever your skill-set, feel free to get in touch to offer your support. We can also support groups who wish to help Spring Up Foundation through initiatives such as the DofE Award or Team Development days.


All your donations contribute to the cost of further or higher education courses for young Palestinians who have been identified as needing financial support, helping them to fulfil their ambitions. Our running costs are so low that virtually all money you donate will go directly towards our student’s fees.

A one-off or regular donation are both possible, Donate Now or contact us for more information.

‘I want to say thank you to Spring Up Foundation and all those who support it, for helping me throughout my years of study. I’m very grateful.’ May Noman, 2022