Update Spring 2021 - Our Second Graduation

We are happy to announce that Mahmoud Noman has now completed his studies to become a doctor of medicine, he is our second student to complete their course (Ameen Abu Hijleh who completed his degree in Mechanical Engineering last year being the first).

We continue to support the 4 students to whom we already offered scholarships. You may recall that last year, due to hardships arising from COVID-19, we increased the financial support we offer to fully cover their university fees. Some student's families were needing to choose between food and medicine, so being able to relieve all stresses related to education costs (which are not inconsiderable for them) is a great honour.

We are deeply grateful to all those who have contributed generously to make these scholarships possible. Together we have been able to make the commitment of supporting them until they complete their degrees.

Our current students are 4 women: Lina Zidan is now in her 4th year studying Medicine; Sana Said Ali Dar Saed in is her third year studying Media and PR; Sojoud Abdallah in now in her last year studying Nursing, all of whom are already part way through their studies; and Ikram Mustafa Abdel Fattah Daoud who is studying for a degree in Special Education is in her first year.

Thank you for your support, you have enabled us to make lasting changes in people's live through the generous donations we receive. If you can help support our essential work please pledge a one time or on-going donation.

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