To apply for a scholarship we ask you to complete an online application form. The selection process will take in to account:

  • Place of residence: the scholarships are open to people who have a connection to the Nablus or Salfit area of Palestine, either having been born there, living there now, or having family from there.
  • University place: we expect scholarship candidates to already have secured a place at university in Palestine.
  • Income: candidates who come from homes with lower incomes will be prioritised.
  • Family educational background: priority will be given to candidates who are the first in their family to be attending university.
  • Gender balance: it is important to us that people of all genders are equally represented on the scholarship programme. We will also look at gender balance in terms of the applicant’s siblings and, where possible, prioritise those people who would be the first of their gender in their family to attend university.
  • Disability: Spring Up Foundation welcomes applications from people living with disability.
  • Funding resources: Typically, Spring Up Foundation will provide partial scholarships only. It is therefore important to us to understand how the rest of the fees will be met over the duration of the course and we will ask you to outline this as part of the application process.

Scholarship Application Form

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Section 1: Personal Details

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Section 2: Current Study Status and Study Intentions

Section 3: Income & Finance

Section 4: Education & Your Family

Section 5: Personal Statement

Please note: if you are not from the Nablus or Salfit area of Palestine, you should not be sending this form.

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